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Deed Sale Vancouver – MLP: FiM – A Friend in Deed (Part 1) Backwards

It’s taken me a bit over an hour to reverse the videos, but it’s now gonna take an eternity to upload them on YouTube, not sure if YouTube or connection’s fault...


Deed Sale Vancouver – Barracks deed

The deed to the west portion of Vancouver Barracks was transfered to the city of Vancouver during a ceremony, Monday, Jan. 14.

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Deed Sale Vancouver – Dirty Deed Done Cheap Part 2 Sept 1 2007 Raiders at Rebles

Rebels #41 does the dirty deed, and Raiders #65 helps him understand crime is not cheap September 1 2007



Deed Sale Vancouver – Terry Bateman’s Stand & Clean video for the Vancouver Canucks

In this video I try to improve fan perception & image for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team by doing a good deed (cleaning up a park) in my Canucks jersey...


Deed Sale Vancouver – People For Good – Tracy – Day 2

People For Good – Tracy – Day 2 Tracy doing good deeds in British Columbia. We’rePeople for Good. And our goal is to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time...


Deed Sale Vancouver – 100.3 The Bear – Dirty Deeds: Dumpster Diving

Edmonton’s Best Rock, 100.3 The Bear. Bear listener Sarah digs through a dumpster to find the tickets to see AC/DC in Vancouver that are hidden inside!
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