Court Ordered Sales Bc – #15 3273 Broadview Road, West Kelowna, BC

Great 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome in quiet area and close to all amenities. Granite counter tops, central air, double garage and more. Fantastic price on this 1800 sq. ft. townhome! For more information please call Geoff Treadgold of Royal LePage at 250-469-3111 or email me at 9000 website:
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For some time it’s been said that the real estate market in British Columbia was experiencing a ‘bubble’ and now indications are coming from the Okanagan that the bubble, if not fully burst, is deflating. Big White is just another example of a niche vacation market that is starting to experience the deflation.
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3 comments to Court Ordered Sales Bc – #15 3273 Broadview Road, West Kelowna, BC

  • intezam  says:

    Should? be “Great White Shark Resort”

  • anarchore  says:

    The developers, realtors and other property pimps will one day be regarded as the parasitic criminals that they are, and I hope them to be without a ‘career’ when humanity wakes up to our potential.

    If ‘investment property’ is your way to make money you a piece? of garbage who contributes to a lower standard of living for Canadians..why don’t you create something positive instead of helping to enslave people to the banks.

  • docatomics  says:

    …nice to visit nearby big white finally
    -your wise narration reminds me of a old saying about fools and their money are soon parted, =in this case the unsustainable of? the $ 20? billion squandered on the Olympics is a case in point, much of which was the gaping tax holes money, yet to be collected, plus interest.

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