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There are many foreclosure properties around the world that provides many people with the chance to purchase a real estate property at a lower price. The individuals who want to live in Canada or are looking for a rental in this area can opt to check Vancouver foreclosure listings.

Looking at Vancouver foreclosure listings is advantageous because you are likely to deal with motivated sellers. They are very eager to sell the property (especially in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure stage) before the bank could take over the property. Most of these sellers do not want to have the record on their credit history.

The properties in Vancouver foreclosure listings are usually offered lower than its actual value. You can even get one for half of its value when not in foreclosure. Again, most foreclosure properties are being sold out of desperation to pay debts or balances.

The Vancouver foreclosure listings is also a great opportunity to profit from real estate. Although you’ll be paying for a long time when you use a loan or financing in buying a foreclosure property, you can also use it as rental houses to augment your finances during this time. You will also earn a lot of profits when re-selling properties that you got to purchase in foreclosure stage.

Investing on foreclosure properties is also considered a low risk move primarily because of the low cost of properties that even the cost of a few repairs would be bearable. In addition, inspections can be done before you make an offer or close the sale.

Looking at Vancouver foreclosure listings is also great for people who want fast closing. The banks want the loan more than the property. In fact, they will be willing to accept your offer as long as it is reasonable when no one else shows interest in the property. They would not risk keeping the property for so long because it means higher money loss for them.

Credit does not matter a lot when making an offer on properties in Vancouver foreclosure listings, too. Again, most banks are after selling the properties and getting money. They do not set high standards when it comes to buyers.

If you buy a property from Vancouver foreclosure listings, you also get to save on commissions. Buying foreclosure properties does not require help from real estate agents because you will deal with banks and finding properties can be done online – at the comfort of your home.

It is easy to find Vancouver foreclosure listings. You can even find lots of them online. There is no need to contact a real estate agent although it is highly recommended. Some real estate agents know foreclosure properties that are not advertised. If you want special access to better deals, there are also paid Vancouver foreclosure listings. They may be a better investment and you get fewer competitions when it comes to bids.

With websites that offer Vancouver foreclosure listings, you can easily find properties that are offered for lower price. You would not actually need help from real estate agents because the sellers are highly motivated and eager to have the property sold. It is also easier to deal with banks. You just have to prepare your money or your loan pre-approval letter and you can have a real estate property within a month.

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Canada’s foreclosure properties for sale, especially in Vancouver, significantly increased at the start of the century. If you want to get the best deals out of foreclosures, you must understand the entire process. Ironically, the foreclosure properties for sale actually have three stages. The amount you will pay is highly affected on which the property currently is.

Vancouver Foreclosures Stage 1 – Pre-Foreclosure

When Vancouver foreclosures enter the pre-foreclosure stage, the previous homeowner can transfer the property for the final selling price even without the bank or lender’s involvement. It is much easier to get great deals in a property at a pre-foreclosure because the homeowner can avoid the foreclosure sale’s negative effects on his credit rating. However, you will need to deal with the bank if you want to buy the property for a price that is not enough for the default loan. The bank can choose to approve your offer or not. Their response may take four to six weeks because properties in pre-foreclosure are not a priority.

To increase your purchase’s success, make sure to check the loan in default. Check if it is within your budget. You should also check the property’s location and condition. These should tell you if the price is reasonable or not. Most sellers will be flexible in terms of the price as long as it will cover the loan in default. Haggle for a lower price if necessary, such as when there are things that need to be repaired.

To find Vancouver foreclosures in this stage, you can go to real estate agents, attorneys and accountants. Most properties in pre-foreclosure stage are not advertised so make sure to ask someone that works in real estate agencies, courthouse or bank.

Vancouver Foreclosures Stage 2 – Foreclosure

Most properties in foreclosure are advertised and are meant for auction. You will be lucky if no one else wants the property but this is unlikely because investors wait for foreclosure auctions all the time. Just like buying pre-foreclosure properties, you need to prepare your finances (e.g. check or a pre-approval letter from your lender). You can inquire about the necessary down payment in advance. You should also visit the property days before the auction.

There are listings for Vancouver Foreclosures online. Some are free while others are paid. The paid ones give you more options including the best ones. You can also check with your County’s Clerk to know the date of auction and Vancouver foreclosures for sale.

Vancouver Foreclosures Stage 3 – Post-Foreclosure

If the property you want is in post-foreclosure stage, you will most likely deal with the bank or lender. You can write a letter to the bank or lender stating your offer and expect a response in two to three days. The previous owner is usually out of this negotiation. Nonetheless, it is also easy to buy Vancouver foreclosures in this stage because the banks prefer to have the reclaimed properties sold as soon as possible. They hate excess inventory because it involves the need to keep the property well maintained. Banks can agree even for the lowest reasonable price.

Even if this is the easiest stage for buyers, you should never forget inspection, money and haggling.

Buying Foreclosure Vancouver Properties For Cheap


Buying real estate will cost you a lot of money. There is no wonder why many people spend a lot of time deciding. If you want to save some money, you may want to check properties on pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings. Vancouver and other cities in Canada have many pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties since 2008. They are a great choice for people who are looking for pre-owned homes. Most of the properties in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings are offered for low prices and banks or its previous owners are open for negotiation just to cover the mortgage debt or balances.

Most homes in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings are nice and in good condition. The only problem of their previous owners is the lack of financial resource to pay the financing balances or the mortgage that’s why they resort to selling their properties.

Do not be surprised if most properties in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings are sold quickly. Many people are waiting for them year round. Make sure that you act quickly when you spot a home in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure list. It will be better if you will have your finances ready when viewing pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings.

You can find pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings online. Most websites also offer alerts when new properties are available. Subscribing to email notifications is a good move if you want to be one of the first people to know about the good deals on real estate properties.

Both pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties can be purchased using a loan but you must have a pre-approval letter from your lender. When buying with cash and if you don’t want to bring a lot of money, you can just get a certification from your bank. Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure homes are also sold as-is. You will be the one to fix or repair damages so it is very important that you have the property inspected. You can haggle or even get out of the deal if there are major defects that you don’t want to deal with. The sale is usually closed within a month. Thus, properties in the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver listings are perfect for people who want to move in right away.

On the other hand, it is very common to have many people interested in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure Vancouver properties. The bank will usually respond to everyone who sent an offer stating the number of days given for you to come back with your final offer. Expect the price to go higher if the property interests many buyers.

In both pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties for sale in Vancouver, you will be dealing with the bank or the lender to whom the previous owner owes a certain amount. Most banks respond faster for foreclosure properties because they need to get rid of the property as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will be spending more money. Pre-foreclosure properties on the other hand take a lot of time. There may also come a time when the previous owner finds money so the property will no longer be foreclosed but rest assured that the bank will update everyone who makes an offer.